About The Race Director

Chris 2001 – 245 lbs

Chris grew up in North Texas and spent a lot of time in the outdoors. As a Boy Scout, he camped and hiked on many of the trails where we now run. As an adult, everything changed. Long hours at the office, a busy family life, smoking and poor eating habits led to high blood pressure and an unhealthy weight. At his highest, the scale tipped to 245 pounds.

His transformation started slowly, first with small changes to diet, followed by a new habit of walking every other day. Walking turned to running and in December 2009, Chris ran his first marathon. In total, he has lost 80 pounds and has kept the weight off.

In September 2010, Chris joined the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Club (RAW) and met Anne. She shared that she preferred trail running over roads. To learn more about trail running, Chris picked up the November 2010 copy of Trail Runner Magazine and read an article about the Leadville 100 (Race Across the Sky).  He was hooked in two ways. In 2011, he joined the North Texas Trail Runners (NTTR) and ran his first trail race, and in 2012, Chris and Anne married.

2013 Vermont 100

Chris has run more than 39 races of marathon distance or longer. The accomplishment he is most proud of is completing the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in 2013, becoming only the fifth person to complete the Grand Slam as their first four 100-mile races. That summer showed him the strength of the human spirit and the camaraderie among trail runners regardless of speed or distance.

Notable Races/PR’s:

  • 2019 Cowtown Ultra, 4:17:45 (Road 50K PR)
  • 2017 Cowtown Half-Marathon, 1:32:42 (Half-Marathon PR)
  • 2016 Rocky Raccoon 100, 21:46:52 (100 Mile PR)
  • 2015 Dallas Marathon, 3:17:34, BQ (Marathon PR)
  • 2014 Grasslands Trail Run 50 Mile 8:55:01 (50 Mile PR)
  • 2013 Wasatch Front 100, 34:29:29 (SLAM – 4th 100)
  • 2013 Leadville Trail 100, 29:27:54 (SLAM – 3rd 100)
  • 2013 Vermont 100, 23:39:53 (SLAM – 2nd 100)
  • 2013 Western States 100, 27:57:53 (SLAM – 1st 100)
  • 2012 Comrades Marathon 56 Mile (South Africa), 10:55:10
  • 2012 Rocky Raccoon 50, 9:38:24 (First 50)
  • 2011 Palo Duro Trail Run 50K 5:26:23 (First 50K/Ultra)
  • 2009 Dallas White Rock Marathon, 4:15:33 (First Marathon)
  • Athlinks Race Profile

Chris and Anne Grasslands 2015

In 2015, Chris became the volunteer race director for the Grasslands Trail Run, one of NTTR’s races. The race was started by Suzi Cope, the first woman to complete the Grand Slam and someone who has been a personal inspiration. A year later, he became the owner and race director of both the Grasslands Trail Run and the Rockledge Rumble Trail Run.

Trail running and race directing are his passion and Chris and Anne feel lucky to be able to share the trails and this sport. Chris also works full time for a national nonprofit organization focused on wildlife and conservation; he is an advocate for the protection of public lands. Chris and Anne live in Keller with their four kids and love traveling to other races when not working or race directing.