Blazin’ Summer Sufferfest

Saturday, August 3, 2024

≈5K ⋅ ≈10K ⋅ ≈18K ⋅ ≈36K ⋅ ≈54K

About The Race

Texas summers cause all of us to suffer, why not suffer together while having some fun on a Blazin’ summer night?!

Join us for the Blazin’ Summer Sufferfest, held at Cedar Hill State Park. The night race will be held on the 12-mile DORBA trail system in the southern part of Cedar Hill State Park. Winding through over 1000 acres of forest and grasslands along the edge of Joe Pool lake, the terrain is moderate to challenging.

This is a Night Trail Race that starts at 7:00PM with a 12 hour time limit.

IMPORTANT: All runners must carry a hydration device (i.e. Water Bottle or Hydration Bladder) to participate in the race. This is a summer race in Texas and it will still be Blazin’ Hot after 7:00PM in August. Yes, even the ≈5K and ≈10K races. There are NO aid stations for the 5K race, and only one aid station in the 10K race. You need to make sure you can carry enough water to run the 3-4.5 miles between aid stations in the heat.


All races start after 7:00PM. Sunset will be around 8:20PM.

  • Runners in the 5K/10K will have about 60 minutes of full sunlight.
  • Runners in the 18K/36K/54K will have about 75 – 90 minutes of full sunlight.

If you cannot complete a full loop of your race before sundown, you will need to carry a headlamp or flashlight. We strongly encourage ALL runners to carry an illumination device during their race. Runners in the ≈18K/≈36K/≈54K are encouraged to bring extra batteries and/or a backup illumination device while on the trail. There is no lighting on the trail!

FAQs for commonly asked questions.


Cedar Hill State Park is a 1,826 acre park located on the eastern shore of Joe Pool Lake in Cedar Hill, Texas. The park operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for multiple outdoor recreational uses.

Cedar Hill State Park has asked that all participants and spectators purchase a Day Pass online prior to arrival at the park. While the fee can be paid at the front gate on race day, purchasing a day pass online is the only way to guarantee admission to the park. The park is subject to capacity limits and can fill up quickly on weekends when the weather is nice. Participants and spectators 13 years of age and older (12 and under receive free entry) are required to pay the Texas State Park entrance fee of $7 per person. Please allow extra time to enter the park and make your way to the race Start/Finish.

To purchase the day pass online go to the following link:

If for any reason the race is canceled we cannot refund your day pass fee.


  • ≈5K Run (1  ≈ 5K Loop)
  • ≈10K Run (1 ≈10K Loop)
  • ≈18K Run (1 x ≈18K Loop)
  • ≈36K Run (2 x ≈18K Loop)
  • ≈54K Run (3 x ≈18K Loop)

*If you were thinking that the funny squiggly lines in front of the distances represented a swim, we’re sorry to disappoint. “≈” means approximate.” In other words, don’t complain to us when the distance is longer or shorter than what you thought it would be. 😀

Race Schedule

Saturday, August 3, 2024
4:30 PMPacket Pickup Opens
6:30 PMPre-Race Briefing for 18K, 36K, 54K
7:00 PM≈36K/≈54K Races Starts
7:15 PM≈18K Race Starts
7:30 PM≈5K/≈10K Race Start (Pre-race briefing at 7:20 PM)

Course Map

Blazin Summer Sufferfest-Cedar Hill Course Map

All races will run the course in the counter clockwise direction.

IMPORTANT: The Copperhead Corner aid station will be along the Fire Road that splits the center of the trail system. Runners in the 18K/36K/54K races will visit this aid station twice on each loop. See the detailed view above.

To get to this aid station you will follow a short out and back section of trail.Remember to PAY ATTENTION when coming into the aid station so you can return the way you came. You will NOT cross the fire road at this aid station on any loop. What makes this potentially confusing is that the 10K course crosses the fire road to rejoin the course on the other side of the aid station.

10K Runners are the only participants to cross the fire road at the aid station. They do not do an out and back to continue along the course.

We will do everything we can to make sure it’s very clear what you are supposed to do. However, there is nothing we can do for folks who do not pay attention.

Aid Stations

IMPORTANT: All runners must cary a hydration device (i.e. Water Bottle or Hydration Bladder) to participate in the race. This is a summer race in Texas and it will still be hot after 7:00PM in August.

      • Runners in the ≈5K race DO NOT pass through any aid stations on the course. Make sure you carry enough water to last the entire 3.15 miles on the course.
      • Runners in the ≈10K race will pass through the Copperhead Corner aid station at approximately 3.4 miles into their race. Make sure you fill up with enough water to last the approximately 2.9 miles to the finish.
      • Runners in the ≈18K/≈36K/≈54K will pass through the Copperhead Corner aid station twice on each loop at approximately 3.4 and 7.2 miles. On your final pass each loop make sure you fill up with enough water to last approximately 4.3 miles back to the Start/Finish.

This is a cupless race. We do not provide cups to participants. However, we sell a rubber reusable collapsable cup for $5 each that can be purchased when you pick up your race packet. Water and Gatorade will be available at all aid stations along with typical aid station fare such as bananas, oranges, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potato chips, Oreos, fig cookies, soda, Salt Stick and much more.

Drop Bags

Drop bags can be left at the Start/Finish aid station. However, please note that drop bags are left in this area at your own risk. We cannot be responsible in any way for your drop bag or it’s contents. Post race, please be sure and pick up your drop bag. Under no circumstances will we mail or deliver a drop bag back to it’s owner.


Pacers are not allowed for any event. Any participant who runs with someone who has not registered and paid for the event will be disqualified.


Registration and Refund Policy

We understand that things come up. If you can no longer run the race, if you cancel more than 30 days in advance, you will receive 100% race credit for another Blaze Trails Running event. If you cancel between 30 days and two weeks prior to race day, you will receive 50% race credit towards another Blaze Trails Running event. We will not allow any refunds or transfers less than two weeks before race day. No exceptions.

To cancel, log into Ultrasignup > Registration History and select “Edit” to cancel your race. Your credit needs to be used within one year. If you need an extended time to use your credit due to medical reasons (including pregnancy) or military deployments, please reach out ahead of time.

Bib transfers to another runner are allowed up until the two weeks prior to the race only if the race has not sold out and there is no waitlist. If you are interested in transferring your bib to a friend, please contact us immediately. It is very important for the safety of all runners that we have the correct contact and medical information. If the shirt order has already been placed, your friend agrees to accept the shirt size that you ordered. A $15 administration fee (plus transaction fee) will be charged to the person who is accepting the bib transfer. We require transfers to be completed no later than two weeks prior to the race. This allows us to keep our focus on producing the event and other important race details during the race week. If you contact us in the last two weeks to ask for a transfer, we will not reply and the transfer is not allowed. No exceptions.

When you register, you acknowledge that we do not provide a refund if we are forced to cancel the race due to unforeseen circumstances that risk the safety of our participants due to conditions that are out of the race director’s control. This may include, but is not limited to flooding, lightning or any other weather condition that makes the course unsafe for participants.

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