The following FAQs apply to all Blaze Trails races. For race-specific questions, please review the race-specific info page. If your question is not answered below or on the race information, send your question to info@blazetrails.com. The week leading up to an event is extremely busy and we will not always reply if your question is answered in the information provided. Thank you for understanding.


Do you offer a military/veteran/first responder discount? 

I registered for the race, but now I can’t run. May I get a refund? 

  • Runners can get full race credit one month before the event. Between one month and two weeks, you can cancel for a 50% race credit. In the final two weeks leading up to the event, there are no refunds/race credits/ or transfers to other runners or other races allowed. No exceptions.

If I can no longer run, may I still get my bib and shirt?

  • Yes, you or a friend can pick up the bib and shirt during packet pickup. However, we will not mail race shirts, nor will we provide finisher medals to anyone who did not attend the event.

May I change the distance I am running?

  • Yes, we allow people to change distances up to three days before the race, as long as the distance has not sold out. Go to your email confirmation and click on “Edit Order.” You can also log into your Ultrasignup account > Registration History and select “Edit” for your race.

How do I fix an error on my registration?

  • If you need to change the distance, shirt size or emergency contact information, log into your Ultrasignup account and go to Account Info > Registration History, then select the race you want to edit.
  • If you need to change personal account information, log into your Ultrasignup account and select Account Info > Edit Profile. Some information, such as your email address, can only be updated by contacting Ultrasignup directly.

Do you cancel if it rains/snows or if there is severe weather?

  • We can plan and prepare for a lot, but we can’t control the weather. Most of the time, when it rains, we will still hold the race.* There have been exceptions when we had to cancel, such as when the trails were flooded. We will also cancel the race if the conditions are dangerous to runners and volunteers.
  • When you register, you sign an agreement that you understand unexpected natural occurrences happen, and you will not receive a refund. The reason is that our race expenses are sunk long before race day.
  • We will do everything possible to avoid this from happening. Options we will consider include:
    • Postpone to an alternate date
    • Move to a new venue

*The races at Cedar Hill State Park and Bridgeport cannot be hosted on wet trails. Please read through the race information carefully before registering.


Race Planning

What does “cupless race” mean?

  • All runners must run with a hydration system such as a handheld bottle, vest with bottles or bladder, or a belt pack. We recommend visiting your local running store to sort through your options. Aid stations are several miles apart, and carrying water is important to stay hydrated and reduce trash and waste at the event.

What will be provided for at the aid stations?

  • We provide runners with a wide range of foods, drinks and supplies to help you have the best race possible. Aid stations typically include water, Tailwind, soda, pickle juice, SaltStick, bananas, oranges, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cookies, chips, candies and more. We’ll add special items depending on the season. We will provide hot foods for cooler, nighttime races with longer distances.

How far apart are the aid stations?

  • Check the race website for specific race information. Most aid stations are 3 to 6 miles apart. You must carry a hydration system to carry water between aid stations.

May I bring Drop bags?

  • Check the race website for specific race information. Drop bags are always allowed at the start/finish. For longer races (100K/100-mile) that might go into the night, other locations for drop bags will be considered.

May I have a pacer?

  • Check the specific race website or race guide for details. In most cases, pacers are only allowed for the longest distances 100-mile/100K, and only for the later part of the race. If you want to run the entire distance with someone, both of you should register for the race.

Is the race gun time or chip timed?

  • Although chips are used in the events, race times and top finisher awards are based on gun time. Chips are used to track splits, finish times and track runners on the course.

Where will race results be posted?

  • We will share the link via email and social media before the event. If you are running a longer distance with splits, friends can track your progress during the event. After the race results are finalized, they will be linked on our Ultrasignup page.

What do you award for each distance?

  • Top place finisher awards are typically presented to the top three male and female finishers and the top masters male and female finishers in each distance. In cases where the distance is shorter, and the number of participants is limited, we might reduce the number of awards. We do not do age group awards.

May I drop to a shorter distance mid-race?

  • No, all distance changes must be completed before you start your race.

Packet Pickup

May a friend/family member pick up my bib?

  • Yes, just make sure you have had a conversation, and there is no confusion about who is picking up your bib and race shirt.

May I exchange for a different shirt size than what I registered for?

  • We want you to have a shirt that you can wear. Shirts are ordered based on the sizes given during registration. If you would like to exchange for a different size, bring your clean, unworn shirt to the start/finish area after your race. We will exchange the shirt if we have your preferred size available.

Misc. Questions

Are dogs allowed on the trails or at the start/finish?

  • We love dogs and know that many of our runners love to run with their dogs. However, due to requirements outlined by our insurance company, we cannot allow dogs in the race.
  • We also know that many people bring their dogs to the start/finish. If you or your guest brings a dog, they must always be on a leash and under control. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, animals or people, you will be asked to leave.

Why are headphones/music discouraged?

  • We share the trails—other runners, bikers, horseback riders and animals. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and hear people coming up behind you. For this reason, we suggest that you either don’t wear headphones or listen to music in only one ear at a low volume. We also strongly discourage music played by a speaker while on the trail. This makes it harder to hear others on the trail and disturbs the people around you.

Do you need volunteers?