Aid Stations

Aid stations are no more than 5.6 miles apart. Please refer to the course for your respective distance.

Drop bags can be left at the Start/Finish for all distances. For the 100 Mile, 100K and 50K distances we allow drop bags at the Buzards Roost Aid station if you bring you drop bags to us by 6:00 PM on Friday prior to the race. We are not planning on deilvering drop bags on race morning. Drop bags from Buzards Roost will be delivered back to the Start/Finish at Duke’s Forest Campground on Sunday after the Buzards Roost Aid Station closes. Under no circumstances will we ship your drop bag back to you if you do not pick it up on Sunday.

By permit we are not allowed to restrict access to the general public on the trails, or any of the Aid Station locations. We want to be mindful of this as we work through the guidleines on crew/pacer locatons along the course. This is a great trail system and we want to be good citizens so we can continue to hold this event for years to come.

All final instructions will be outlined in the race document we provide to runners during the week prior to the race.